Now we get to the part I like the best: where I get to make some money. It’s also what I am sure you want to know up front. The boat costs $600 per day ($300 deposit) regardless of how long we stay out. You also pay for whatever fuel we burn, including truck fuel for trips outside Key West. I just read my Floscans & multiply by the current price. I accept cash, check, & PayPal (add 3%). If I cancel a trip due to weather or any other reason, you get your deposit back in full. If you cancel, I keep it. I run in winds up to 15 knots & 3 foot seas. I will go in winds up to 20 knots & 4 foot seas if you desire. Past that, you’ll just have to see the sights on land. I have a number of steel tanks available for just the cost of fills. I have my own compressor (only for Key West trips). Air fills are $6; Nitrox is $12. If you want Aluminum 80s, I can rent them for you. Price varies depending on where I get them. There is no extra charge for night dives, unlike any other dive boat I have seen advertised. In fact, I encourage you to request times that include night diving. It is the most exciting time to dive and the boat is designed for it. For the really adventurous, I can do overnight trips. These trips would require a two day charter ($600.00 deposit), plus whatever fuel. Figure about 200 gallons to be safe. Best if everyone in the party knows each other well, because they will by the time the trip is over.